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Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance

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Florence is a beautiful quite city surrounded by hills and crossed by Arno river in the center of Italy. It is famous thanks to its history and its importance in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance, especially for its art and architecture. Florence was hometown of men who have profoundly influenced the course of human history in many field of knowledge as art, literature and philosophy. and it was ”the cradle of Italian end European Renaissance”.

Every year thousands of tourists come to visit the museums and the numerous historical buildings or monuments around the city, crowding city streets, shops, restaurants and so on.

The city is not so big and is easy to visit by walk or bicycle. The main sights are localized in the historical center around the palace of Major (Palazzo Vecchio) and the most oldest bridge (Ponte Vecchio), a building of extraordinary beauty. The best time to visit Florence is spring and summer when the sun and nature let the city shine in its beauty.

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